Minecraft instructions

1.  Download Minecraft Launcher from Minecraft website
2.  Start Launcher and Login
3.  Click New Profile
        3a.   Profile name:  Forge 1.6.4
        3b.   Use Version 1.6.4
        3c.   JVM Arguments:    -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xmx1G -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates=true -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true
                  (If you are running 64bit java, you may want to change 1G to 2G or higher  (depending on how much system ram you have)
        3d.   Save Profile

4. Click Play
        4a.   Wait for Minecraft v1.6.4 to download (the green progress bar should move)
        4b.   Once Minecraft opens, Verify 1.6.4 in the bottom left corner, then close minecraft.

5. Download Installers
        5a.   Download Forge 1.6.4 - and save to desktop
        5b.   Download WKmod Installer and save to desktop

6.  Run  forge-1.6.4-
        6a.  Select install client
        6b.  Click OK
        6c.  Once it says Complete, Click OK

7. Run WKmod.exe
        7a.  A DOS window will appear and display download information
        7b.  The DOS window will then extract the files
        7c.  Once the Window has closed, continue to next step.

8. Run Minecraft Launcher again
        8a.   Select the "Forge 1.6.4" profile
        8b.   Click Edit Profile
        8c.   Change Use version: release 1.6.4-Forge9.11.965
        8d.   Save Profile

9. Click Play, The first run will take quite a bit of time to start up.  This is normal.

10. Once Minecraft has loaded, verify Forge is properly loaded   (Bottom left corner should say

11. Click Multiplayer
        11a.  Click Add Server
        11b.  Server name:  WarKnite's Server
        11c.  Server Addess: home.warknite.com
        11d.  Click done

12. Double click "WarKnite's Server" to play